Systems Engineering Master’s Degree

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The Master’s in Systems Engineering program is now seeking prospective students from around the world . The program exposes students to top-notch Technion faculty members, who include three Nobel-Prize winners, and gives them access to captains of industry who are at the forefront of Israeli technological innovation.

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The Master’s in Systems Engineering program curriculum delivers foundation, core and advanced courses that develop expertise in the functional domains of engineering and technology management. as well as advanced courses that emphasize practical applications.

As part of the program, students participate in visits to leading corporations, companies and technological incubators throughout Israel, and engage with elite members of Israel’s scientific and technological communities. These visits allow students to closely observe the practical application of cutting-edge technology in one of the world’s most innovative engineering environments, and to develop contacts that contribute to their careers in engineering upon graduation.

For those who choose to work in Israel after completing their degrees, the program offers assistance in finding employment within the industry.

An optional elective track is also available for students who would like to combine their M.E. studies at the Technion with one of the following:

  • Jewish leadership training, which offers students an opportunity to discover their Jewish heritage, develop a stronger connection to Judaism and to Israel, and build lasting friendships through informal educational and leadership experiences, volunteer opportunities, touring, and time with Israelis from different walks of life

  • Beit Midrash (Torah and biblical texts) study, which takes place at the nearby yeshiva Or Vishua National Torah Center and which offers between 10 and 15 hours a week of learning, with shiurim (classes) taught in English and Hebrew